Up Up & Away!

53 days to go!

It’s never too early to be excited, is it? The countdown has officially begun!

Here’s a visual of our trip abroad…

straight line

Our itinerary is:

2/9/12: Leave home (Auckland.)

2/9/12: Arrive in Singapore. Stay for 3 nights.

5/9/12: Leave Singapore.

5/9/12: Arrive in London. Stay for 6 nights.

11/9/12: Top Deck Tour begins.

4/10/12: Tour ends. Another 3 nights in London.

7/10/12: Leave London. 1-hour stopover in Singapore.

8/10/12: Arrive back home!

Spirit Of Europe

Here’s the tour we’ll be taking: the Spirit of Europe Tour with Top Deck:

* 13 Countries - France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

* 24-day trip around Europe staying in a combinations of hotels, hostels and bungalows.

(If you’d like to read more, click: Spirit Of Europe)

- Rachel x

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